6 Reasons a Senior Community Needs TLC

Adding Therapeutic Lifestyle Care® to your community will benefit your business by producing happier, healthier residents and a strong name in the community for effective innovative wellness programs. Moreover, providing residents with alternative therapies increases their odds to staying active and mobile longer which in turn increases their length of stay in the independent and assisted living segments of a given facility. Subsequently all of these factors work together to heighten a facility’s brand, build community awareness and expand profitability.

1. Fall Reduction

These statistics rise with age and by 80, one half of all seniors will experience a fall. This is a serious concern which generates enormous economic and personal costs. However, falling does not have to be an inevitable result of aging.

Age related losses in muscle strength, flexibility and balance reactions can be addressed through the Therapeutic Lifestyle Care® wellness program of massage. A wellness program inclusive of therapeutic massage improves proprioception, or sense of relative position of body parts due to massage’s ability to increase blood flow to the limbs, improve balance and gait; improving balance reduces chances of falling.

2. Increased Independence & Strength

The overall health goal for seniors is to remain independent and enjoy their quality of life. The aim for a senior living community is to provide its residents with quality care while reaching its financial objectives. Solid research demonstrates the efficacy of therapeutic massage to increase flexibility and range of motion; improve strength and muscle coordination.

Offering a safe and effective mode of massage therapy which can positively affect the entire system: mind, body and spirit gives the senior living communities a viable way for these basic and fundamental needs to be met. Regular sessions in massage therapy can provide a range of results from relaxation to improved cognitive function. The longer a resident remains in independent or assisted living, the more profitable your community will be.

3. Wellness Programs

Any given day in the United States over 10,000 people will turn 65. Many in this growing group of seniors are accustomed to an active lifestyle and wish to continue this lifestyle well into retirement age. They understand the importance of movement, exercise, being active and desire to stay physically engaged despite any physical impediments they might face.

Offering a way to relieve stress, tension, reduce pain, within a relaxing familiar environment– Therapeutic Lifestyle Care® services are immediately stimulating, refreshing and relaxing – can increase the number of residents that will participate in a wellness program. The benefits of maintaining a consistent wellness regimen in massage therapy can lengthen their independence and community’s profitability.


4. Additional Revenue

Offering a wellness program for Therapeutic Lifestyle Care®; can have a significant financial impact to a Senior Living Facility. The safe and productive healing benefits of massage therapy and bodywork has proven to help individuals rehab faster and stay well longer, benefitting both residents and communities.

5. Become the Community of Choice

Tomorrow’s seniors are more interested in staying active, being fit and enjoying their lifestyles well into their 80s. When selecting a senior living setting, a large percentage of them will look for the range of amenities within communities focused on health and wellness. Innovative wellness programs and strong wellness curriculum utilizing services like Therapeutic Lifestyle Care® could draw these (very profitable) potential residents to choose your community.

6. Dementia/Alzheimer's - Understanding the Need

It’s no secret the population is aging and life expectancy is increasing. Particularly with the aging population, some estimates suggest that 16 million people will have Alzheimer’s by the year 2050. It’s been said that in 25 years, the United States will have two kinds of people: those who have Alzheimer’s disease and those who are caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease. Promoting an alternative wellness program in massage therapy creates an additional service that emphasizes commitment to wellness and enhanced quality of life.

The benefits of massage extend beyond just physical health. Although there is general awareness of massage for the aging population, there is poor understanding of its many direct benefits for individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease.  Following massage, seniors experience higher levels of cognitive function due to the stimulation they’ve received. Increased circulation helps get oxygen to the brain and can provide a mental boost.

Therapeutic Lifestyle Care benefits:

  • an increased sense of body awareness and alertness
  • reduction in the feelings of confusion and anxiety
  • helps to build reassurance, trust, and helps calm agitation
  • help ease effects of isolation, loneliness and boredom while encouraging feelings of worthiness  and well-being