Door to Spa

Door to Spa assisted ride service is a health and wellness solution for seniors faced with mobility issues and no transportation options. To better meet the wellness needs of our ever growing senior community, our Therapeutic Lifestyle Care® (TLC) program now expands to include massage services for those who are unable to drive or no longer have driving privileges.

Act of Kindness (AOK), a non-medical emergency transportation company along with Utopia Spa are merging mobility with wellness care to help maintain your independence and health. Door to Spa assisted ride service provides access to safe reliable transportation to and from your massage appointment at Utopia Spa. Until now, a Therapeutic Lifestyle Care® massage was delivered via house calls directly in the comfort of your home. Non-driving seniors with access to transportation options allows flexibility in wellness care alternatives which enables them to explore, engage and thrive. Door to Spa assisted ride service offers a solution for non-driving seniors who desire to receive Therapeutic Lifestyle Care ® massage services in the tranquil sanctuary that is Utopia Spa. Call us today and schedule an appointment for your Door to Spa assisted ride service.

  • Convenient and affordable
  • Physical assistance from the home, inside and outside the vehicle through the door of Utopia Spa.
  • Cashless transactions. All prices are quoted to the client in advance
  • Riders can travel with one caregiver, spouse or family member free of charge, providing that both passengers start and end at the same address.
  • Additional riders with scheduled massage appointments will be required to pay a minimal rider fee.
  • Tailored services to accommodate most client conditions.
  • Consultations are available to discuss any client limitations.
  • Discount packages are available.

Utopia Spa and Utopia TLC is committed to
the health and wellness needs of seniors.

Utopia Spa Door to Spa

Introducing ‘Door to Spa’ assisted ride service an exciting new concept merging mobility with wellness care for non-driving seniors!

Utopia Spa Door to Spa Service